Horsebox & Trailer Safety Checks, Mechanical Repairs, Servicing & TEXA Diagnostics.

Our team of experts repair and service all makes of Lorries and Horsebox Trailers:

Safety Checks, Gas Checks, Mechanical Repairs, Servicing and TEXA Diagnostics.

When it comes to safety reliability and performance, Huish Horseboxes can look after all your Horsebox & Horsebox Trailer mechanical needs, right through from basic routine maintenance to complete engine changes. Using the latest industry standard TEXA computerised workstation we perform complex diagnostics to check all systems to ensure safety, reliability and best performance.

As an added benefit, a loan car service is available when your Horsebox lorry is in for repair.

Safety is our No.1 priority …and for all the occupants!

Huish’s service safety checks also include a thorough inspection to ensure of the horses well-being, an area which is
often overlooked by many!  Therefore when undertaking mechanical repairs we also check the underside of the
horsebox for floor and structural strength making sure the vehicle is completely safe for you and your horses to travel in.

Gas Safety Checks

Simon Anthony our registered gas safe engineer can carry out all aspects of gas work in your lorries and Horsebox Trailers, including gas installation soundness checks, plus equipment and ventilation checks, etc. And as part of our service we can also include your details in our reminder notification system and carry out the yearly safety and certification that is required.  You can find more details on our credentials on the Gas Safe Register here:

TEXA Diagnostics 

Complex electronics now form a crucial part of modern vehicle systems controlling nearly all aspects of
performance and legal requirement. At Huish we have invested in the latest industry standard TEXA Vehicle Diagnostic technology which performs many functions including:

Diagnostics to read and clear the error memory, to
      display system parameters & the status of the ECU;
Activation, adjustments and configurations that are
      essential for ensuring a complete repair;
Resetting the service lights or airbag systems;
Configuration of the ECUs, keys and remote controls.

Reminders and Service Options

We offer a variety of service options including three-monthly checks, and full, or basic services. We send reminder letters to ensure that no checks are missed and therefore ensure your vehicle is kept in good working order plus we keep a full record of all service history.

Advice is offered on the best service schedule for you depending on mileage and type of vehicle.

Other Mechanical Services

In addition to routine servicing and mechanical repairs, we can also fit seat belts, stereos, reversing sensors, CCTV systems, etc to your lorry.

Safety - Reliability - Performance - Huish


   Huish Pre MOT and Plating Service

Our pre MOT and Plating service includes reminder letter,
test booking and vehicle check, plus taking vehicle to
testing station and dealing with any subsequent repairs,
etc., on your instruction.

Safety - Reliability - Performance - Huish